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Stages of cometary accident in detailes (February, 2nd, 2018)

Translated by Berenkova Violetta Michailovna

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Instalment, with breakdown on kinds of processes the description of the long accident called by close pass of a meteor shower. In the table those processes are considered that to me are clear. Empty cages it is space for development. Historical evidences and references on a theme I will place below the basic text.

Fig. 1. Effect of the described accident factors on Wednesday

Figures in the text show the event place in the table.


01. The space accident similar to supernova outburst.

02. Black-out of the Sun’s part by celestial body debris.

03.1-5. A meteor shower, moving from Hudson Bay to the Yamal. The smaller part of meteors breaks through atmosphere and subjects the Earth to bombing.

03. The meteor shower subjects Venus to bombing as well, therefore the Venus atmosphere starts shining not only with the reflected, but also with its own light from particles burning down in its atmosphere. For this reason Venus was visible in the afternoon in 1855, and in legends of Mongols (Mechit monkey) is closely connected with the accident and fierce cold.


04.4. Prebreakdown electrical fields move with the velocity of light that is why they advance other phenomena. The basic action: separation from the Earth and electrostatic levitation of large sites of ground, animals and other objects. The field of the Tungus meteorite tore off and forced levitating of the tops of the hills; in our case intensity of the effect was much stronger, and the damage of the northern part of Canada can be predicted as really hard.

05. Corona discharge

06. The shock wave of the front of the lightnings generated by electrical discharge , follows the electrical fields with the speed of a meteor shower.

06.1. In the atmosphere the shock wave rapidly transforms into a sound one, including the infrasonic range. That is the reason of evidences  of destruction of cities and buildings by sound.

06.3. In the ocean the infrasonic wave will partially kills some fauna. The destruction of vulnerable animal kinds entirely, for example, pleistocene whales, is possible, probably, because of defeat of blood system or brain.

06.4. Sound waves in the earth generated historical evidences about the howling earth.

07. Electrical discharge high-altitude explosion of meteoric bodies is directed from the Earth.

07.1. Meteoric bodies are transformed into steam and dust; any part of products of destruction will be captured by the earth atmosphere.

08.1-5. The X-radiation due to electrical discharge is predicted - with all spectrum of consequences in all environments

09. The neutron radiation due to deuterium synthesis is predicted - with all spectrum of consequences in all environments.

10. Infrared radiation in absence of oxygen causes biota charring, and in oxygen presence - fires.

11.2. Electromagnetic effect in the ocean leads, in particular, to acceleration of water rotation in basins and to strengthening of the tidal phenomena.

12. Displacement of the magnetic pole is probable due to deep electromagnetic effect on subsurface

13. The meteoric electrical discharge makes Earth the cathode losing electrons, and cooling down because of endothermic reactions.

13.1. The electrical discharge leads to an atmospheric ionisation with heat removal. Hydrogen will be transformed into proton gas in large quantities.

13.2. The electrical discharge decomposes ocean water into oxygen and hydrogen, and methahydrates - into more difficult groups of gases. Methane breaks up that prevents occurrence of the greenhouse effect and mass extinction. Both processes are endothermic, leading to deep cooling of waters and decay products.

13.3-5. Hydrogen becomes proton gas and escapes marine and land that leads to its transformation into coal

13.4. The electrical discharge takes electrons from land and launches electrochemical processes in the subsurface: all processes are endothermic, promoting permafrost formation.

14.1. Periodic detonations and combustion of products of water and methahydrates decay oversaturate the atmosphere with moisture that in the long term leads to anomalous quantity of atmospheric precipitation.

14.1. Hydrogen absorbs oxygen more actively, than carbon, and the carbon which has remained after decay methahydrates, settles in the pure state.

14.1-2. Partially the products of water and methahydrates decay move on significant distance and create hydrocarbonic gas fires when the flame jumps through Danube and burns marine sea fleets (so-called “the Greek light”).

14.4. The excessive moisture deposits in mountains, creating glaciers and installing a perspective water mode of the rivers, which is exhausted nowadays. Humboldt indicated that the water from the Aral sea is used for watering, that is, the Aral water came from the atmosphere, not from the ocean.


15.2. A near-bottom positive setup. When products of the gas hydrates decay, which increased in volume in 600-700 times, and products of water decomposition (increased in volume in 1867 times) begin rise upwards, their place will be occupied with dense and heavy waters from the next areas. There will be a near-bottom positive setup with a direction into the accident area.

16.2. Jusup Hizirov’s effect. Electromagnetic effect spins up waters in the Arctic basin that strengthens the tidal phenomena.


17.1. The ballistic wave from supersonic intrusion of meteoric bodies into the atmosphere. This wave can throw the levitating Canadian ground to Greenland and Siberia. Only this wave is capable to bury mammoths under ground and to prevent their charring.

17.2. The ballistic wave extrudes from the blow zone forward and sideward some part of the ocean water, the products of water and methahydrates decay and some part of chared marine biota.

17.1-5. The ballistic wave degenerates into a sound one, including the infrasonic range and moves in all environments. Reflexion and mutual interception of two basic sound waves (the wave of the front of lightnings plus the ballistic one) creates the stains of a resonance selectively destroying cities and capable to cause a land or underwater landslip.

17.4. The seismic waves are expected, which imposing has created the noted phenomenon of absorption of cities by the opened wide earth for some period.

18. The vacuum channel is formed immediately behind the ballistic wave and consists of a lot ofrelatively narrow channels, which are following each grain of sand. Strictly speaking, it is not vacuum; the space of the channel is full of dust moving with the space speed and positively charged plasma.

18.1-4. Because of rotation of the Earth the vacuum channel moves all 3.7 hours of the meteoric incident: from the vector “Hudson Bay – the Yamal” to the vector “Greenland - the Lena River”. Together with the channel all factors accompanying the meteoric incident move as well.

19.1-4. Periodic shock waves arise along the edges of the vacuum channel and, as a result, channel movings are obliged to leave the tracks displacing in a direction from Yamal to the Lena River on a land.

20.1. The output wave is formed as a result of the termination of meteoric effect and disappearance of the vacuum channel. The atmosphere fills the empty space with the speed of about 548 km/s that higher the sound speed. The basic direction of the blow is to the vector ‘‘Greenland - the Lena River,, both forward and upwards, just following the disappearing channel.

20.2-5. The output wave fills the Arctic Ocean with the missing water and drags suspension from the ground and water, and also chared biotha in the area of collapsing of the vacuum channel, that is, the Taimyr and the Lena. So the largest coal basins of the world were formed.

20. The result of the output waves is a sharp pressure drop, cooling and condensation of suspension from the ground, dust, and water and already overcooled ionised gases. This suspension will also freeze the escaped destruction hulks of mammoths and create a soil layer of a permafrost zone with cells indicating high speed of freezing. This process will create in the frozen soil isotopes, typical for ultralow temperatures.

20.1. Thrown out upwards, after the leaving vacuum channel, the suspension ceases to rotate together with the Earth that is why while subsiding it will be taken down westwards with the speed of 500 km/hour (it is the linear speed of the planet surface in Siberia and Canada).

21. Interruption of the meteor shower because of irregularity of weight in the flow would lead to partial, probably, numerous repetition of the described cycle.

22.1. Partial separation of the suspension, even in air, for example, separation of salt from water, as a result of decomposition, evaporation or water freezing is quite expected. Some part of salt deposits was formed like that.

23.4. Suspension Subsidence  into fractions with the speed of 500 km/s and lower occurs in both hemispheres and forms identical landscapes on the Mangyshlak and in Nevada and ridge-hollow complexes in the Asian part of Russia. The basic direction of the suspension blow goes on a trajectory taking into account the Earth rotation and it is directed to Siberia, Central Asia, Western Asia, North Africa and Mexico. China is covered with aeolian soil, in Priazovye, Crimea and the Northern Black Sea Coast clay deposits are formed with thickness up to 20 metres, they present a single whole without lamination. The same deposits created the upper layer of permafrost soil, and covered and filled up craters of the broken in meteorites.

23.4. The motion of the multimeter flow of the deposited suspension creates pressure, especially in the lower layers and triggers fast formation of large quantity of rounded pebbles.

23.2. The suspension main blow happened in Europe between the Southern Ural Mountains and the Caucasus, that is why the Northern Black Sea Coast suffered most strongly, for example, because of condensate excess there appeared an ice layer with thickness up to 16 metres where the ice-bound animals were found out.

23.1. The spread of the suspension in the atmosphere induces insolation reduction for the period of some months.


24.6-8. The electrical discharge in the subsurface launches electrochemical processes: it transforms gas into oil, restores metals from oxides, intensifies hydrolysis in water-bearing layers, generates a phenomenon of the poisoned wells, decomposes deposits of methahydrates which induces the enlargement of the volume of gases in 600-700 times. All processes are endothermic, promoting the permafrost formation in the subsurface.

24.6-8. The electrical discharge in the subsurface could trigger electrochemical transformation of plastic sedimentary rocks (silt, for example) in stone and fossilization of the biota remnants.

25.4. Subsidence  of shelves for 8-200 metres because of electrochemical processes in the subsurface, in particular, because of oil formation and reduction of gas-bearing strata in volume (at least 90 sunk cities are noticed historically)

25.2. Flooding of Greenland tore off coastal parts of the glacial shield which fragments (so-called ‘‘pack ices,,) and blocked Iceland till 1822. There appeared some kind of ice congestion of the Arctic region.

25.3. Subsidence of shelves deprives some animals, for example, large marine turtles, natural "maternity hospitals" that leads to sharp reduction of these species in number of kinds.
25.2-4. Subsidence of shelves most possibly moved from the north to the south: at first, it causes sinking of Brighton in England (1665) and only then - Graters at the Caspian Sea (1669).

26. The heat removal caused by ionisation, hydrolysis, synthesis and pressure drop in the subsurface, leads to the Small Ice Age, development of a permafrost and sudden freezing of the Adriatic and Mediterranean Seas (totally, including the Nile mouth).

26.3. Heat removal reduces the number of biological species everywhere, especially in the Arctic zone.


27. Displacement of the gravity centre of the planet because of shelves’ subsidence is naturally determined, happens synchronously with the process of subsidence and induces synchronous displacement of the rotation axis of the planet as well, and, naturally, of the geographical poles.

27.2. Displacement of the rotation axis raised ice blockade from Iceland after 1822 and started to unload the Arctic region from ice.

27.4-5. Displacement of the rotation axis left an natural habitat of the mammoths as some kind of a relict, the second latitude orientation of arctic soils and three cards of Crimea of 1750-1780s with the orientated to the centre of Greenland grid of latitudes.

27.1-4. Displacement of the rotation axis upset the seasons of the year in 1822-1823.

27.1-5. Displacement of the rotation axis changed the direction of trade winds and monsoons, and, so, both climate and biosphere of some regions, for example, Primorsky Regon, Mexico and Sahara.

27.4. Because of the difference between the polar and equatorial radiuses in 21 km, displacement of the rotation axis created radial irregularity of crust distribution and increased or decreased about 200 metres in width of earth crust on each degree of the latitude change.

28. Radial irregularity of the crust took particular forms, which have left fixed geological consequences.

28.2-4. Temporary relative increase of the water level of the Yellow Sea flooded the territories of Gobi and Taklimakan Shamo.

28.2-4. Temporary relative increase of the water level of the Pacific Ocean created salty Great Basin in Nevada and threw whales on the shore up to 200 metres high.

28.2-4. Temporary relative reduction of the Atlantic Coast of South America pushed marine animals ashore in Argentina.

28.2-4. Temporary relative increase of the eastern part of Central Asia divided Balkhash Lake, the Aral and the Caspian Seas.

28.2-4. Temporary relative increase of the eastern part of Central Asia launched overflow of water of the Caspian Sea through the Manych to the Black Sea and destroyed the city of Saray.

28.2-4. Humboldt testifies residual overflow of water from the Aral Sea to the Caspian Sea.

28.2-4. Temporary relative increase of eastern part of Central Asia flooded the shelves of the Black Sea the water from the Khvalynsk Sea. Increase of the level of the Black Sea for 4 metres is fixed in Romania in 1808.

28.2-4. Similar processes must have passed in the Baltic region as well.

29. Overturn of the Earth according to Dzhanibekov is mentioned by Aristotle, Humboldt and Karl-Friedrich Mohr and interpreted by the geologists of the middle of the 19 century as a reality of the past. Repetition of the overturn after crust flattening is improbable. I attribute the overturn of the Earth to insignificant events, as it did not cause any visible consequences, except the calendar change and hypothetical failure of the seasons of the year. The running speed of the Earth on its orbit and the rotation rate of the planet are so great that it has an effect similar to the "roller coaster", - the trolley can move in different directions and overturn, but the passenger’s cup with coffee will even not be spilled.

There is a cultural evidence of the overturn: understanding that to walk around the lectern one should follow the sun direction, the most part of churches (the Russian Orthodox Church, east Catholic churches) did not obey this new astronomical reality, preferred to keep the tradition and still make ceremonies, walking against the Sun motion.

There are, at least, three evidences of transfer of the beginning of the year exactly for half a year period that is logical if the overturn took place, and the seasons of the year displaced.

30. Flattening of the planet’s crust to values corresponding to a new latitude location values occurred under the influence of centrifugal forces, by my estimations, approximately during the period of 23 years.

30.2-4. Crust subsidence lowered the Caspian Sea below the sea-level.

30.4. Only crust flattening is capable to cause total earthquakes lasting for 12 months in succession, mentioned in annals.

30.4-6. The crust flattening changes the inclination of water horizons and for a while dries up the rivers that is noted in annals.

30.2-6. The crust flattening causes the onset of marine water usually called “storm onsets”, and noted in St.-Petersburg the evidence of “water boiling in wells”, synchronously with the onset.

30.2-4. The crust flattening is accompanied by break of underground waters and hydrocarbons that is reflected in Mansi’s legends about the Flood and evidences of the Lisbon earthquake of 1755. The great fire of October, 8th, 1871, most likely, happened because of hydrocarbons release on the subsurface.

30.2-4. The crust flattening forced to measure the difference in level of the Mediterranean and Red Seas (at that time – 9.9 metres); the scientists should have estimated the speed of filling of the Mediterranean Sea basin through the Gibraltar.

30.2-4. The crust flattening creates focal pressure drop in the subsurface and sharp heat removal that leads to frost penetration of cellars and to freezing of seas.

30.2-4. The crust rise widened the old tectonic crack and created The Bosporus Strait through which superfluous water of the Black Sea descended to the Mediterranean Sea.

31.2-4. The overflow through the Bosporus filled the Mediterranean Sea to an acceptable level, made the Gibraltar navigable and allowed the Mediterranean states to come into the oceans for the first time. Tens of cities were flooded. Sapropelic deposits at the bottom of the Aegean Sea (from the Black Sea), design volumes of water subsidence and rise are comparable.


32.4. Manifestations of vulcanism are especially actual in the case of the earth crust flattening. The crust flattening synchronously created increased pressure in the subsurface, led to synchronous volcanic eruptions on the continents, which were not connected with each other formally, and generated the geological theory mentioned by Herzen about the tunnels connecting continents.

32.4. Manifestations of vulcanism happen synchronously with release of telluric gases, mainly, hydrocarbons - for the same reason and under the same consequences.

32.1. Release of gases generate dry coloured fog fixed just during great cataclysms. The fog has the acid nature and triggers removal of moisture from the air, then heating of everything what acid can react with, and, as the result, inexplicable spontaneous combustions. The acid condensate from the fog left crosses on clothes going along the fibres of the fabric.

32.3-5. Volcanic hydrofluoric gas releases generate “cases of epizooty” of unclear nature. Hydrofluoric ashes are pernicious for cattle. Annalists noted the change of meat taste, the destruction of both river and marine fauna and trees’ death.

32.5. Volcanic and telluric (mostly hydrocarbons) releases cause the Black Death. As it has already been shown by J. Lederberg, the Nobel Prize winner in biochemistry, and totally proved by me, the source of the Black Death was not the plague bacilli, but chemical poisoning.

32.5. Gases release strikes basal ganglia and call well described mass psychoses. All 10 basic symptoms of 10 ideally coincide.

32.5. Gases releases create raised chemical danger to pregnant women. The fetus dies, and rescue of the woman’s life becomes a difficult problem. This fact explains the anomalous percent of lying-in women (up to 45 %) who died  in Prague in 1846-1849.


33.1-2. Consequences of the flooding of shelves are widely described in annals, as “Great resettlement of the people”.

34.3-5. Defeat biota consequences - from indemnification of fuel deficit up to transfer of animals to the stall keeping. Biocenosis changes, people are compelled to invent new technologies and to reconstruct their society, and these innovations are reflected in numerous historical sources.


The database about natural and humanitarian accidents [1] contains 29350 events, which are enough for 130 high-grade apocalypses with average duration of each for about seven years. In practice, 90 % of events are duplicates, the Pharos of Alexandria, for example, dropped about 10 times, in different time, and only two falling of these ten are real. The Mediterranean Sea entirely froze at one time with one of the evidences  of the beacon’s falling and the destruction of the city of Shed, and this is correct, but the facts concerning the Black Death and mass psychoses which should accompany such global accident are absent at that time. In practice, everything that could be described, our ancestors described really well, and it is not their fault that someone in narrow political aims smeared their evidences within the period of 2 thousand years. Therefore, official dates have no value, the essence of the matter is important.


185 - Emperor Lo-Yan, China, saw Nova outburst (MSH15-52) [2]

1054 – Nova outburst, which nowadays is slowly extending “Crab Nebula” [3]

1572, November, 11th, - a new star in Cassiopeia, named in the honor of Tiho Brage, was found out, probably, Nova outburst star [4], disappeared from the sky in February, 1574

1604 -"New Kepler" Nova outburst was found out for the first time [2]

592 - on the 32nd year of Gunthchramn’s reign the sun from the edge to the middle of the disk was eclipsed that only the third part of it was hardly visible. [5]
And. 50. - Half of the sun was eclipsed within 10 months. [6]

626 AD - half of the Sun darkened, and it proceeded from October until July. [7]

1106, February, 12th, - according to Erman and J. Hind the sun dimming occurred which was accompanied by meteors [8]

217 - as historians of architecture assume, the Colosseum was strongly damaged, apparently by the meteorite which caused severe fire and destructions [49]

1908 - local residents who were interrogated by scientists from the expeditions, approved that for an instant before the terrible flash trees and yurtas soared up in the air here and there, some sites of soil (on the hills), waves went against the current on small rivers. [9]
Intrusion into the atmosphere with supersonic speed of large meteoric bodies causes a number of the phenomena which were not possible explain. So, sometimes there are electrical discharges of the corona type (“St. Elmo's fire”). In electrical circuits currents are induced. There is electrical interference [9]

217 - Rain and wind whipped Carthagenians directly in the face and with such force that they... fell down to the ground... The wind seized their breath and pressed their breasts. Suddenly something moaned over their heads, began to roar, terrifying peals of a thunder rolled, lightning began to sparkle... There burst a shower, and the wind blew even more strongly. Clouds... began to strew hailstones... The hail was followed by such strong frost that if someone in this pity heap of people and animals wanted to rise and tried to do that, it took pretty long time. They stayed at that place for two days, as though in a siege; many people died, a lot of pack animals and seven elephants [48]
The first shock wave is energy release appearing in a column of a superlightning [9]

362 - Apollo's temple in Daphna, outside of Antiohia, is destroyed by mysterious light. [2]

363 - Julian commands to eliminate in Apollo's temple in Daphna in Antiohia miasmata (harmful evaporations) from remains of sacred Vavilly (the bishop from Antiohia  who was considered as a great martyr during the epoch of Decius, but actually was executed by emperor Phillip the Arab for the murder of Gordian, … who refused him “Holy Communion”). Christians ignited the temple after they had picked up the remains therefrom. [45]

363 - Epidaurus (Yugoslavia) sank in the sea. “That year there were earthquakes all over the world … the sea escaped the coast as if the Lord again sent a flood on the earth, and all turned back, to chaos which was the beginning of all beginnings”. [46]

365 - in Egyptian Alexandria this earthquake ruined 50 thousand people and destroyed the 180 metre Lighthouse of Alexandria (the Pharos of Alexandria) - the fourth miracle of the world which was no more restored. By a strange quirk of fate, on the same date,  July, 21st, but 721 years earlier (in 356 BC) the Greek Herostratus  burnt the third of seven miracles of the world - the main relic of Asia Minor Greeks - the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus  [47]
1803 – during the falling of a meteorite L’Aigle (France) on April, 26th, 1803 the sounds were audible around the area in radius of 150 km, and in L’Aigle the ground trembled underfoot and some old houses fell. [10]
“And they blew in pipes, the people exclaimed in a loud voice, and because of it the wall fell to the basis, and the troop entered the town, and took the town” [11]

5900 year from the World Creation, 400 AD - this year the earth howled in Rome during seven days [12 [

1091 “… fell the great snake from heavens, horrifying all people. All this time the earth was trembling so loud, that many people could hear that…” [13]

1380 - underground depths were opened wide, the earth began to tremble terribly, horror possessed the sons who had come from afar - from the East and from the West. The earth at the Don River and in the distant ends of the earth moaned, and on the other shore of the Don some underground rumble passed, terrible and ruthless [14]

365 - the Historian of V century Socrat Scholastic (approx. 379-450) also mentioned the terrible earthquake in 365 in the works: “the seas changed the habitual limits, in some places it shook so hard that there where people could walk earlier now they can float. In other places the sea departed so far that the sea bottom became dry,,.” [47]

381 - in Antiohia  a child with a beard, four feet and four hands was born. [6]

508 - birds froze on the wing (508, 524, 548, 554). [15]

787 - in May birds froze on the wing and fell to the ground. [16]

1709 – it was extremely frosty winter in Europe. In Spain the rivers froze. In vicinities of Venice the Adriatic Sea was covered with "standing ice,,. Birds, flying in the air, froze. As a whole in Europe “many thousand people, animals and trees died”. [17]

1161 – It snowed on the day of St. Cross for 25 quarters of 256; and in India - for 44 quarters. Thereof all fish, birds and all animals died. [6]

831 - it had been raining for 40 days. [6]

1636 - summer. It had been raining for 40 days in Spain. [4]

1471 –the winter in Europe was inexpressibly mild - in February buds blossomed on trees. However it came to the end with a terrible summer drought and extensive forest fires in Hungary, Austria, Czechia and Germany. Flame flows moved with such speed, what even jumped over the Danube. A lot of settlements was destroyed in fire. [19]

1348.01.25. In contado and around Villach more than seventy towers and country houses collapsed over the river Drava and all was turned upside down. The huge mountain was divided here into two halves, filled with itself all the valley where there were those towers and houses, and blocked up a channel of the river throughout ten versts. [20]

6028 year from the World Creation, 528 AD - that year Pompeiopolis  Mysian suffered from God’s anger. As the earth split because of the earthquake and half of the city with its inhabitants collapsed. They appeared under the ground and their voices begging for help [12] could be heard

6234 year from the World Creation, 734 AD - both great drought and earthquake happened in some places, so in the Sheba  desert a mountain collided with a mountain, and settlements collapsed [12]

1011. Armenian era 460 - severe earthquake during dasing 231. The city of Ezenga [406] collapsed. There was only the house of mercy Kirakos left. A lot of churches and fortresses collapsed. [6]

6255 year from the World Creation, 755 AD - in February of 4th indiction the ice was divided by God’s will into pieces, high like mountains, which were brought by a strong wind to Dafnusia and Ieronus, and condensed at the city from Propontida to the island of Abydos, they filled all the sea, to that were ourselves were eyewitnesses, thirty companions ascended the ice floe and played there. There were both wild animals and livestock already dead. [12]

1556 April, 1-2st (in other versions - on February, 2nd) - high-power "long" earthquake in the province of Shansi (China), ground in the radius of 30 miles collapsed, formed a lake, many people suffered. [4]

1604 - Moskovia, there was no fish in water, birds in the air, wildlife in wood; and everything that was cooked and served to table, had no longer former taste though it was well prepared. Konrad Bussov [21]

1348.01.25.  - two towers, Ranji and Vedrone, and more than fifty manors round the river Gail, in the count Gorizia, were buried under two mountains, thus almost all population [20] was destroyed.

1348  - Europe. Severe earthquake on January, 25th, 1348, of European importance, repeated on February, 2nd. [22]

841 - throughout three nights some light appeared. The rain started which removed crust from trees and threw down stones. [6]

1346 – “the black death” was preceded by poisoning called by telluric factors, for example, steams rising from crevices in the earth [22]

1348 - Jews in Zurich, Switzerland were accused of poisoning of wells [2]

1348 - in the country Kara Kithay a hard shower happened. Together with rain the dengerous infection extended further, bringing destruction with itself to all live. After that rain horses and cattle died. Then people, domestic birds and wild animals began to die. [22]

1348 - evidences : “in the east, near to Large India, light and smelly smoke burnt all cities”, “between China and Persia there was heavy rain with fire, dropping in flakes, like snow, and burning mountains and valleys with all inhabitants”, and accompanied with an ominous black cloud which “whoever saw it, that died during half of a day”. Therefrom, brought with “a dirty wind blow from the south”, execution flooded Europe. [22]

1348 - death extended across the cities of Damanhur, Garudzha and others in which all population and all cattle died. Fishing in Lake Baralas stopped because of death of fishermen which frequently died with a fishing tackle in hands. Even on berries of the caught fish lifeless places were found out. Fishing schooners remained on water with the dead fishermen, networks have been overflown by dead fish. [23]

1348 - then blew the strong wind which carried rotting all over the country. The stench and fetor soon reached the most remote districts, extended to the cities and tents their. If that odour was inhaled by a person or an animal, after a while they necessarily died. [23]

1822 - Iceland is blocked by pack ices (this period proceeded with breaks from 1420 till 1822). [4]

1652 - from the second half of the XVII century the increase of icing in the arctic seas began. In 1652 sent from Arkhangelsk to the Arctic regions the governmental expedition met ices in the region of the Kanin Nos [24]

1665 - the sea flooded several tens of buildings of old Brighton, and to the beginning of the XVIII century there wasn’t any trace of the city (now on the map there is another, new Brighton). [25]

1669 - scientific data show that transgression of the Caspian Sea took place. It was even necessary to transfer the town of Terki in  1669 because of “flodng of the city by marine water” [26]

1326 - the Mediterranean Sea froze totally. [28]

1621 - the Mediterranean Sea froze froze. [29]

1769 - the English Channel and Mediterranean Sea froze, the temperature in Paris was 23 degrees below zero, bells cracked [27]

1824 - (?) To the natural phenomena accompanying a terrible storm of 7th of November, one can ascribe the fact that on that day, as they wrote from Narva, water in all local wells moved also and as though boiled... Gulf of Finland abounds with small fish Baltic herring... That year this fish absolutely disappeared. Northern bee. 1825, January, 3th, № 2. [30]

1825 March - storm tide in the North Sea, the island Jutland was formed, 800 persons died. [4]

1289 - in Riga their was winter … without winter. Flowers grew in fields, at Christmas girls decorated themselves with violets. Probably, the similar winter was in 1303. And not only in Latvia. One of Old Russian annals says: “there was winter of heat, without snow”. [31]

1348 - council in Moscow at which it was approved to begin a year since September, instead of March. [32]

1425 - every year began with March; but during the reign of Grand duke Vasilij Dmitrievich, ended in 1425, the beginning of the calendar was changed for September [33]

1492 - which was 7000 year from World Creation, tsar Ivan III ordered with the imperial decree to transfer celebrating of the beginning of a new year (since March, 1st) to September, 1st, integrating it, thus, with a holiday of harvesting and the period of taxes and quitrent assembly. [34]

1822 August - early frosts in the Chernigov province. [4]
1822 September - in the Western Europe apple-trees blossomed again. [4]
1822 winter - in the Tambov province on Christmas holiday it was snow melted and it was so warm that in the fields the greenery appeared, people tore fresh nettle for Russian cabbage soup. [4]
1822 - at the beginning of November in Hamburg people ate fresh wild strawberry and raspberry. [4]
1822 - Iceland was blocked by pack ices (this period proceeded with breaks from 1420 till 1822). [4]

1783 - Gilbert White told: “the summer of 1783 was both surprising and significant and full of the awful phenomena”. The British Isles suffered from heat, thunder-storms, a plague of wasps and ubiquitous dry fog. Some scientists suspected that the axis of the Earth changed. Inhabitants of Castleton in Derbyshire lived in the shade of a nearby mountain the most part of winter. They approved that the first sun of the year appeared in their houses some days after the winter solstice, much quicker than it was 50 years ago, and that the shade of their mountain was some yards shorter that time, than it should be in the middle of winter [35]

1326 – the residence of Paschalis  in Saray was at the end of 1330s. Let’s notice that Giovanni Marinoli informs on “the destruction of the Tatar Saray by flooding”, as if it had already happened [36]

1346 - Russian annalist in his record of 1346 (6854) notices: “the same summer there was execution from God on people living in the city of Ornach (the mouth of the Don), in Havtoro-kan, and Saray and Bezdezh (a city on a sleeve of the Volga) and in other towns in their countries; that pestilence was strong among people of Khiva, Tatars and Armenians, Abazins and Jews, and Fryazi (Genoeses and Venetians from the colonies at the Black and Azov Seas), and Circasses and all peole living there; there was no one who can bury them; as God executed Egyptians,before[37],

6165 year from the World Creation, 665 AD – the architect Kallinik who had escaped to Romans from Heliopolis  Syrian, burnt their ships and all alive with marine fire, invented by him. Thus Romans returned with victory and invented marine fire [12]

6210 year from the World Creation, 710 AD - on August, 15th Saracens moved with shame; at their departure storm from God with protection from God Mother grasped their fleet and disseminated it: some sank near Prokopios and near other islands, others - at whirlpools and at rocky coasts; the others floated across the Aegean Sea, and suddenly terrible God anger stroke them: the fiery hail fallng on them brought all sea to boil and when pitch on the ships thawed they with people lowered on the marine bottom [12]

On April, 24th, 1547, the miracle of Iisús Navín supposedly again repeated at Charles V during the Mahlberg battle (the Sun stopped). Mühlberg is a city in Germany, in the earth of Brandenburg. [38]

1391 - in one of legends of Aztecs of Central America it is told that once "the Sun and moon in the sky stopped, and the Earth plunged into darkness". In the chronicle of priest Montesinosa the date of this event was indicated also during the reign of one of tsars of inks. "That day within 20 hours there wasn’t a dawn" - writes the annalist. Calculations showed that such extraordinary event should occur in 1391 [39]

Seven days water boiled - fire and water came together. Water was everywhere, except the Ural Mountains. When water arrived, on high slopes of mountains people and animals - bears, wolves, foxes, gluttons gathered. They lived together, and nobody was afraid of nobody. The whole week water stormed. In one of legends, numerous ‘‘woody islands,, were brought ‘‘from the north,, by the winged god Kurk iki (‘the Eagle-old man ’). When he carried on himself)the earth-load, its pieces dropped and islands were formed. Legends about a seven-day flood are also kept at forest Nences. [40]

869 AD- they described unimaginably enormous black birds filling all sky and bearing in beaks fiery coals; the rivers filled with blood and flooded shores. Blood covered bread and other meal. On clothes there appeared enormous crosses drawn by blood. Districts where these phenomena were observed are interesting: southern England, La Manche, southern France, Italy, Albania, Constantinople, Syria. The first notion of "the bloody" snow which dropped out in Tirole, was in 869 AD [41]

1818 - mission San Francisco Borja was left in 1818 as the indigenous population in this part of the peninsula California disappeared. [42]

1730, September, 1st - eruption of the volcano Lanzarote (Canary Islands), destruction of arable lands, extensive "dry" fog was noted in Europe in 1733, came to the end on April, 16th, 1736 [4]

1325 - direct evidence in the message of Italian author Marino Sanudo Senior (1325): ‘‘There was before a whirlpool where the sea water lowered, but it was closed by the earthquake; since then the sea arrives every year for one palm, and already some good cities have been destroyed, so eventually the Caspian Sea will join the sea of Tana,, (Bartold V. V, 1998, p. 532) [36]

6232 year from the World Creation, 732 AD - the sea in some countries ran out the limits, and earthquake proceeded twelve months [12]

1481, May, 3th – see 1481 Rhodes earthquake, the greatest of the series which lasted 10 months

1638 January - earthquakes in a province of Shansi (China) began, proceeded during some months. [4]

6255 year from the World Creation, 755 AD - the same year in March stars dropped from heavens in great variety, and everybody, looking at that falling, assumed Armageddon; thus the heat was so great that even springs dried up [12]

1162 - the drought on most European continent part. The rivers and mashes dried up. Huge forest fires eclipsed the sky with smoke clouds for a long time; because of that the days were dark as the nights for several weeks. Hunger came again.

1371 - and in summer the sign in the sun was appeared: ‘‘dark spots appeared on it, as nails, and almost two months there was great impenetrable haze, it was impossible to see the face of a person for two sazhens; birds did not see to fly, hit on heads of people, fell to the ground and walked only on the ground; animals, without seeing light, walked in villages and in cities, together with people, bears, wolves, foxes and other animals. The drought there was extraordinary; bread and grass burnt, lakes and mashes dried up, woods and pine forests and dried marches burnt, great hunger came” [43]

1470 summer - in Czechia the rivers dried up. [4]
1473 summer - the rivers and springs in Europe dried up, the river Danube shoaled. In lakes of Europe fish died. [4]
1533 summer - the drought and strong fires in Russian lands, woods and marches burnt, streams and small rivers dried up. [4]
1538 summer - in Europe as the result of drought the rivers dried up. [4]

1808 – the sea level at Moesia (Romania) rose for 4 metres [41]

689 - occurrence of oily red crosses on clothes

1660 - during eruption of Vesuvius on clothes there appeared crosses

6238 year from the World Creation, 738 AD - infectious death, begun from Sicily and Calabria, got into Monovasia and nearby islands. At first it was almost unnoticeable, then on dresses of people and on church clothes there were red crosses, oily and numerous [12]

1321 - France. For St. John the Baptist’s holiday the king was informed that all wells of Aquitania were poisoned by the leprous on purpose to kill all Christians on the instructions of Jews. The tsar of Granada who entrusted to Jews this operation was the customer.

1755 - France did not accept this horror; however, Bordeaux and Angouleme were shoked. The volcanic mine spreaded on the continent, shook Lyons, moved up to Switzerland, lifted there all lakes, revolted Rhone, threatened with destruction to Basel, shook a circuit of the Lauterbrunnen mountains so that birds of prey left the place. The same mine, spreaded to Italy, brought Great Lake (Lac Majeur) into oscillation similar to inflow and outflow. The channel from Milan in Teseno returned to its source. Volcanic flow, deving at the Lauterbrunnen  mountains, got into Germany, shook Franconia, Bavaria; on the Danube Donauwörth was shaken. Connecting passes transferred blows into Holland, England, Sweden, Norway. Iceland was in motion and, maybe, was rescued because the volcanoes. Greenland under north ices could not escape from fire. Europe could disappear and make absolutely new reduction in the ocean level. [44]

1755 - Etna and Vesuvius announced that awful shock, casting out a part of an underground fire; they, obviously, wanted to reduce its tension. Underground motions were found out in Asia. In Kahane {In Iran, 90 versts to the north from Ispagania.} the muzzle was opened wide which engulfed some "buildings”. With perfect destruction of the city of Kvito, at the foot of the mountain Pihinki, America confirmed its connection with ancient world. [44]

1855 - Venus in Ohio (USA) was visible in the afternoon with open eyes [50]


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